Express Luggage Moving is a well reputable company that is family owned and managed. The company has being operating for more than twenty years now. We started when most of the people were offering the traditional moving services and even then most of the people preferred long distance moving San Jose CA own items instead of hiring someone to do it for them.


No Supervision Required

There is no need to supervise our team as they can work under minimal supervision and deliver the expected results. They will make sure that you are doing what you are required to do at work or at the office and still make sure that your items are moved to the new premises professionally.

Professional Client Treatment

We treat all our customers with the greatest degrees of professionalism and this enables us to actually get to the next tier within the shortest time possible. The personnel are not only trained on how to handle the various materials but also how to make sure that customers are treated right. They will work with you from the start making sure that you actually get a service that you can trust.


Most of the customers that we have worked with have confessed that we are among the few transparent companies in the market. The main reasons why we are able to achieve that goal is by making sure that all parties, that is the customer and us are on the same page. We will disclose to you the total amount of time that will be required to move the items and then come up with a comprehensive best movers Berkeley quote that you can use to actually budget for the move.

Timely Completion of Projects

The moving project needs to be done within the set time frame. As a result, we do try our best to make sure that all our moving projects are done and completed on time. That has being made possible by our modern management system that enable us to plan for future projects in a more transparent and fruitful way.

Provision of Storage Space

We also offer a storage space for the people who would like to store their items for a while as they consider if they will move to a new apartment. The storage facility is manned round the clock and there are also advanced surveillance system that we use to make sure that all activity that goes on inside is monitored.

Call us today to get information about the many moving services that we offer. We will liaise with the team to make sure that we understand your moving needs, the expectations and the budget that you have for the project.